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This PureStrength bracelet is perfect for me. I have been wearing one for years 24/7 (not the same one, they do wear out) I wear the extra small size. I am 5'6" and 130 lbs, I have fairly small wrists. I like the quality and am grateful that I have found a solution for my balance issues. When I am out of balance the bracelet ion begins to fade, but it also helps me to stay in balance.


I have been wearing purestrength for 10 years. That band does change my life. I was fatigue AND anxiety then I decided to purchase pure strength and by time my body feel more differently. I wake up to fully energy and I don’t have any anxiety in 10 years. I keep replacing my band every 3 years now. I recommend it to anyone. My family wears it too. The price is very reasonable and affordable for 3 years duration. The quality lasts.


I tried one of these bands after a friend said it was helping her overall health. I was experiencing debilitating tendonitis in my right wrist at the time - enough that I was barely able to make it through the day at work. It took about 5 days, but the pain has subsided and seldom returns. I've been using the bands for years now, and have suggested them to many of my friends and clients. I replace them every 2 years.


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